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CMDA and DTS Dialogues | Neuroscience of the Soul


Speaker: Ekpedeme Wade, MD, LPC
Topic: The role of theology in psychotherapy
The previously held belief that the brain becomes fixed after childhood has been debunked, thanks for recent research. We now know that the brain is malleable, not hardwired, and is capable of changing both function and structure. This ability for the brain to create new brain cells and new connections is known as neuroplasticity. As pastors, ministry leaders, physicians and other healthcare professionals, understanding this concept can contribute to our practice as we lead our clients, patients and congregants into a space of emotional, physical and spiritual healing.


  • Define the key concepts of neuroplasticity.
  • Identify strategies used in faith-based counseling that can lead to brain rewiring.
Speaker: Karl Benzio, MD
Topic: Practical neurotheology
Psychiatry is the field of medical science which studies why we make the decisions we make, or why we do what we do. Even though the root of psychiatry is “psyche,” which means the inner being, essence or core of who we are, which is really spiritual and existential, psychiatric science has been primarily relegated to studying how our biological sphere - brain chemistry - and our mind sphere work together to make decisions. But the most important sphere regarding our decision-making, the one that determines if we will lead an abundant life, whether we are not just a hearer of the word, but an actual doer of the word, is our spiritual sphere. Just like in the Wizard of Oz, pulling back the curtain on some basic spiritual and psychological principles helps us understand a spirit, mind, body integration model, allowing us to steward our brain chemistry, mind, and spiritual assets by using the Devine designed principle of Neuroplasticity to walk into the good works and abundant life we were designed to be blessed with.

  • Discuss what it means that decision-making is the exercise for the brain.
  • Describe a basic spirit, mind, body integration model to explain why we do what we do.


  • Karl Benzio, MD

    Dr. Benzio, a Christian and board-certified psychiatrist has held several health system clinical and management positions. Dr. Benzio uses his unique integration of spiritual faith and science to treat, consult, write, and serve as a frequent media guest expert and conference speaker addressing a wide range of Behavioral Health issues and their impact on individuals, families, and society as well as social policy issues. He received his B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering with focus in Central Nervous System imaging from Duke University; M.D. from Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School; and Psychiatric Residency at UC–Irvine. His expertise is psychological and spiritual principles in Decision-Making Sciences with its endless application to every facet of psychological health and functioning for individuals, families, communities, and society. Dr. Benzio has been a CMDA member since August 2005.

  • Darrell Bock, ThM, PhD

    Dr. Bock is the Executive Director of Cultural Engagement, The Hendricks & Senior Research Professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He received a BA from the University of Texas; his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary; a PhD from the University of Aberdeen and postdoctoral study from Tübingen University. Dr. Bock is elder emeritus at Trinity Fellowship Church in Dallas. Dr. Bock has earned recognition as a Humboldt Scholar (Tübingen University in Germany), is the author of over 40 books, including well-regarded commentaries on Luke and Acts and studies of the historical Jesus, and work in cultural engagement as host of the seminary’s Table Podcasts.

  • Ekpedeme Wade, MD, LPC

    Dr. Wade is a board certified family physician, licensed professional counselor, assistant professor of biblical counseling and speaker. She received a bachelor of science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a doctor of medicine degree from University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. She has been married for 13 years and has two children. With more than 15 years of medical experience, she has firsthand knowledge of the interplay between the physical, mental and spiritual self. Practicing as a traditional primary care provider for several years, Dr. Wade contended with the inefficient coordination of care between physical health and mental health. That is why Dr. Wade founded Twelve-Two Christian Counseling, a private practice dedicated to the medical, psychological and spiritual treatment of mental health disorders.

May 15, 2021
Sat 10:00 AM EDT

Duration 1H 45M

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