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2021 CMDA Virtual National Convention | Dental Track

Welcome to the 2021 CMDA Virtual National Convention Dental Track!

The abstracts for each presentation are listed below to provide an overview of the modules available for purchase in this course. You may click on each title listed in the modules below for more information about that individual workshop or to purchase and view that workshop.

Short-term Dental Outreach: A Myriad of Blessings presented by Gregory Griffin, DMD
Providing dental healthcare on a short-term mission trip is life changing for you and your patients. We will discuss the logistics of taking a short-term mission trip including equipment, team personal, and how to provide education to locals, so that when we leave a few locals are prepared to provide minor dental care to the community.

Timeless Principles of Dental Practice Management presented by Scott Bedichek, DDS
In this presentation participants will learn about practical tips to organize a practice built on faith-based principles and a culture of teaching and leading for both staff and patients.

Tooth Bleaching and Novel Tray Designs presented by Van Haywood, DMD
This presentation stands alone in the Learning Center as it was previously submitted prior to the National Convention. Click here to go to this course.
In addition to discussing bleaching updates, sometimes there are situations for which either different tray fabrication options or different impression techniques may serve the patient and the practice better. In this pandemic when typical alginate impressions may not be desirable on some patients, thermoplastic trays may be indicated for children, orthodontic patients, and high caries patients.

Faith Prescriptions Preview presented by Bill Griffin, DDS
Faith Prescriptions is now available in the Learning Center! Click here to go to Faith Prescriptions.
Since 1995 CMDA has offered two training programs to help healthcare professionals learn how to address spiritual issues with their patients, "Saline Solution" and "Grace Prescriptions." CMDA's newest teaching program is called, "Faith Prescriptions," and it will address a broad range of issues related to how we can better meet our patients' spiritual needs. This talk will reference how this new program relates to its predecessors, how it was developed, and provide a sneak peak at some of the videos in the series.