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CMDA Today | CMDA Ethics Statement on Persons with Acquired Cognitive Impairment

[1 hour]
This course is available for physician, dentist, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner continuing education. A general attendance certificate is also available. 

This article is featured in the Fall 2021 publication of CMDA Today.
Release Date: September 1, 2021
Termination Date: August 31, 2024

This ethical statement outlines CMDA’s affirmation of the value of all persons with cognitive impairment, recognizing their inherent dignity. CMDA believes that in spite of their cognitive impairment, they can lead meaningful lives with the help of caregivers, who deserve our help support and prayers.


  • Cite the biblical evidence supporting the inherent dignity of every person, regardless of their cognitive ability or the presence of cognitive impairment.
  • Discuss how to defend the ethical position of inherent value of individuals with cognitive impairment.
  • Describe the clinical implications of cognitive impairment as it relates to both caregivers and healthcare professionals.