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CMDA Ethics Statement on Transgender Identification

[2 hours]
This course is available for physician, dentist, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner continuing education. A general attendance certificate is also available.

Release Date: March 1, 2022
Termination Date: February 28, 2025

In this ethical statement, CMDA provides biblical, biological, social, and medical support for an understanding of gender dysphoria that aligns with Scripture and includes an extensive glossary of terms. While gender dysphoria is not addressed directly in the Bible, Christians affirm the biblical understanding that humankind was created male and female. After detailing the biological, social, and medical evidence, recommendations are made for the Christian community in general as well as for Christian healthcare professionals regarding their interactions with individuals suffering from gender dysphoria. The statement concludes with recommendations that Christian healthcare professionals should not refuse care to patients with gender dysphoria but should also not be forced to assist patients in gender transition.


  • Discuss the medical basis for discouraging the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical intervention to alter normal sexual anatomy.
  • Discuss the importance of competent and compassionate care of individuals suffering from gender dysphoria.
  • Describe how to integrate an approach to the treatment of gender dysphoria that avoids discrimination while also aligning with a biblical worldview.
  • Discuss ways to defend against being forced to assist patients in gender transition.