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2022 CMDA National Convention | Medical Track

Welcome to the 2021 CMDA Virtual National Convention Medical Track!

This conference was recorded in April 2022
Release Date: June 1, 2022
Termination Date: May 31, 2025

The abstracts for each presentation are listed below to provide an overview of the modules available for purchase in this course. You may click on each title listed in the modules below for more information about that individual workshop or to purchase and view that workshop.

Sex Differences in Athletic Performance presented by Paul W. Hruz, MD, PhD

The safety and fairness of allowing male athletes who experience sex-discordant gender identity and undergo gender affirming medical interventions to compete in female sports continues to be debated. Understanding of the biological differences between males and females in physical attributes that affect athletic performance is essential for the establishment of sporting policies. Innate sex-specific genetic and hormonal influences and the specific effects of altering sex steroid levels will be discussed. This will include consideration of reversible and irreversible changes to body size, muscle mass and fiber type, cardiac output, and metabolic function.

The Case for Mentoring in Today's Medical Education Culture presented by Francis Nuthalapaty, MD

The last half-century is marked by a dramatic shift in the culture of medical training in the United States. Today's medical trainees are struggling to maintain their view of medicine as a charitable calling in an environment that increasingly operates at a purely business level. These cultural changes significantly impact specialty choice and career decisions after training. This session will highlight how creating purposeful connections between physicians in practice and trainees is a powerful tool to influence the training experience and long-term career outcomes.

Do It Yourself Abortion: Mechanisms and Medical Risks presented by Donna Harrison, MD

The advent of selective progesterone receptor modulators used to terminate a pregnancy has changed the face of elective abortion. Understanding the mechanism of action of these drugs, the current FDA regulations and the impending de-medicalization of these drugs is important for clinicians with patients who are reproductive age females.

Do It Yourself Abortion: What Does this Mean for Our Practice? presented by Donna Harrison, MD

Dr. Donna Harrison and several other experts in the field will continue the discussion on the implications of de-medicalization of elective abortion.

Adjusting Our Sails to Address Disparities in Healthcare presented by Omari Hodge, MD, Nicole Hayes, MD, and Brenda Abraham, MD

Racial disparities in healthcare in the United States have been recognized for more than four decades. Through our brotherly love and activism to combat the presence of racism and its consequences in healthcare institutions and the public sphere, we will need to "adjust our sails" to consider any blind spots the healthcare community may have. CMDA resolves to commit energy and resources to the mitigation and prevention of healthcare related racial disparities where these exist in the categories of healthcare delivery, the community of physicians and medical education.

Leveraging The License - 'Real Talk' presented by Daisy Dowell, MD

The delivery of healthcare is so much more than just treating the physical ailments of others and cannot be done as well if we do not consider the other factors that impact one’s well-being. Consequently, we must learn how to use our training and knowledge to consider the wellbeing of the whole person (physical, mental, and spiritual well-being) to help improve the quality of life for those we serve. This session is designed to provide an opportunity to delve a little deeper into some of the salient points shared by Dr. Dowell during the plenary session, and will include some time for Q&A.