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2022 CMDA National Convention | Dental Track

Welcome to the 2022 CMDA National Convention Dental Track!

This conference was recorded in April 2022
Release Date: August 1, 2022
Termination Date: July 31, 2025

The abstracts for each presentation are listed below to provide an overview of the modules available for purchase in this course. You may click on each title listed in the modules below for more information about that individual workshop or to purchase and view that workshop.

Faith Prescriptions: Not for Dentists Only presented by William Griffin, DDS

This session will consist of the first-ever public showing of episode #15 in the Faith Prescriptions series, "Not For Dentists Only," led by Dr. Kevin Aduddell. Participants will watch the video and then discuss related questions. Although the speaker is a dentist, his recommendations can help anyone in healthcare to consider how to best treat patients in a holistic manner. Specific attention is given to the multiple advantages of practice ownership as it relates to the utilization of spiritual resources during patient care.