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CM Practice Spotlight: Mindfulness and Resiliency: Personal and Professional Well-being

The culture of healthcare is frenetic. We are torn between meeting the needs of patients, the pressures of budgets, meeting quality measures, corrective action plans, and staff management. Evidence shows that mindful practice has the potential to improve attention, cognitive performance, empathy, and the health of patients. Being mindful requires that we assess our emotions, our reasoning, and then in a careful and caring manner, do what is right and best. Mindfulness reminds us that we have a duty to ourselves as well as to others. Caring for others, working with others, means we must take care of ourselves.

Leadership is about relationships rather than outcomes. But in healthcare, we are very focused on outcomes. Everyone has the potential to be a leader regardless of discipline or role. Leadership does not only include the management of people, but becoming a part of a team, and working toward a shared vision. Mindful leaders are lighthouses guiding the way in a storm, shining a light to identify talent, clarify the right thing to do, bring out the best in others, create a path to follow, and inspire hope.


  • The participant will become familiar with the definition of mindfulness and its role in self-care.
  • The participant will understand the ethical impact of mindfulness on the care of others.
  • The participant will be familiar with the positive impact on leadership roles when mindfulness is practiced.
  • The participant will be introduced to mindful exercises.
CEs:  1 hr CCM Ethics and  RN