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Continuum of Care-Positive Outcomes within Workers’ Compensation

***RN and CCM Ethics hours***
Combining the early application and persistent delivery of case management services across the continuum of care has resulted in positive outcomes demonstrated within the workers’ compensation industry. While measurements of the patient’s level of function are determined by the medical team, the results of effective case management are often seen in the patient’s ability to remain at work or return to work. This unique interplay of the medical status and the employment status within the workers compensation environment have provided the opportunity to measure the positive effects of case management interventions. Additionally, case management within the federal population enables analytics not influenced by claim settlements as seen in the private sector.

  • Recognize and identify outcome measurements that demonstrate effective case management across the continuum of care with application of the Outcomes Standard of Practice.
  • Identify and describe the effective case management techniques that influenced the positive outcomes.
  • Apply techniques of facilitation, coordination and collaboration resulting in positive outcomes.