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A Case Manager’s Guide to Malpractice Prevention

***RN and CCM Ethics hours***
Even the best case managers can make medical errors or be perceived as having caused injury through their professional services. It is our intention that in identifying areas of high claim frequency and financial severity, where case managers are most at risk for professional liability claims, they can concentrate their risk management efforts to improve patient safety, enhance quality of care, and reduce risk and error. Learn about liability risks (and how to avoid them), strategies to protect yourself from malpractice action and steps to take in the event of a lawsuit.

  • Describe the value of legal case studies related to malpractice claims for case managers.
  • Define the top three negligence allegations made against case managers and nurses.
  • Review claim scenarios, discuss perceptions of negligence and provide risk management strategies in support of management of professional risk
*Originally presented at the 2019 CMSA Annual Conference*