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Leading During a Pandemic: A Roundtable Discussion

The pandemic has impacted the lives of every human on earth, whether that be contracting and surviving the virus, succumbing to the virus, losing someone you love to the virus, losing employment, or having employment reduced. Many of us have had to learn to work differently using alien technology.

All of these apply to those in health care, but healthcare professionals still have to "show up" and prioritize others' needs. The pandemic has created many challenges, and this roundtable will give us insight into the challenges our leaders have faced during these difficult times.


  1. The participant will compare challenges from the panelists’ experiences to their own in learning to work in a different environment.
  2. The participant will discover strategies for improving teamwork when faced with challenges like a pandemic.
  3. The participant will be introduced to the skills needed to be a leader in difficult times.
Mary McLaughlin Davis, DNP, MSN, ACNS-BC, NEA-BC, CCM
Mary Beth Newman, MSN, RN, CMGT-BC, CCM

Hussein Tahan, PhD, RN, FAAN

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Non-Members: $40 for the LIVE event only.  (No access to recording)

CE Credits: 1 hr RN and CCM