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Riding the Green Wave: Navigating the Intersection of Medical Marijuana, Politics, Medicine and Workers Comp

** This Session provides RN, SW, and CCM Ethics **
The past two years have brought a slew of changes to medical marijuana and CBD landscapes. With New York and New Mexico leading the charge in bringing medical marijuana to workers compensation, other states are following suit. While the grey area of the legality of medical marijuana still exists, more and more doctors, injured workers and legal authorities are starting to embrace this alternative treatment. This session will explore the most recent developments in medical marijuana, Hemp and CBD with a focus on legal issues and legislation. It will provide case managers with an in-depth review on how to respond to injured workers who ask about medical marijuana, provide a physician perspective and real-world practical solutions to dealing with medical marijuana and CBD as a viable alternative form of treatment in workers comp. 

  1. Recall the most recent developments related to medical marijuana.
  2. Define the legal and legislative issues as they relate to the use of medical marijuana in work comp.
  3. Summarize the possibilities of medical marijuana and CBD as a viable alternative treatment option.
  4. Discuss moral and ethical issues a case manager may encounter surrounding the use of THC and CBD as an alternative treatment option.