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Coordinating Complex Specialty Care and Integration of the VA Mission Act

** This session earns SW, RN, and CCM Ethics **
The participant will be introduced to the value of high-quality Care Coordination in Outpatient Specialty Clinics. Specialty care is a vital element of outpatient services, Veterans receiving care within Specialty Clinics frequently have multiple, chronic, physical and mental health comorbidities and are at higher risk of receiving fragmented care and increased hospital admission. This presentation will showcase the Integrated Ethics Model that the VA utilizes and demonstrate the importance of Ethics Consult, Preventive Ethics and Ethical Leadership. Board-Certified Case Managers often deal with Ethical issues and need to will act with integrity and fidelity with clients and others. Therefore, is it necessary to maintain competency at a level that ensures our clients will receive the highest quality of service.

  1. Describe an example of patient or staff situation that may be warranted for an Ethics Consult.
  2. Describe the ethical principle of Nonmaleficence.
  3. Define three core functions of Integrated Ethics Model that VA utilizes Nationwide.
  4. Demonstrate how Care Coordinators respect the rights and dignity of Veterans.