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Hospice/Palliative Care: Navigating the Options for a Difficult Decision

** This session earns SW, RN and CCM Ethics **
For the ever growing group of Baby Boomers, caring for elderly parents and preparing for their end of life, is a most difficult decision to discuss and make. It comes at a time when you are preparing for your own retirement and making plans for a relaxing future. Most baby boomers are living longer thanks to better health care but the majority of their parents are now medically/physically declining. The time of caring for them has now become a life interrupting factor. How does one begin to discuss end of life choices with their parent(s) and the healthcare provider, if they have one. The very words Hospice or Palliative Care are ones that nobody wants to discuss or think about. It’s something we’d like to deal with at a later time. Unfortunately, that time can happen quickly and your decision is now required.


  1. Expand Case Manager’s familiarity with Hospice and Palliative Care Services. Address common resources of Hospice/Palliative Care vs Private Organizations.
  2. Identify the Medicare/insurance medical requirements for each type of care.
  3. Describe Case Management interventions to assist a client and /or the family with end of life decisions regarding Hospice vs Palliative Care.