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Health Confidence & Stimulation: A Novel Approach to Patient Education to Reduce Readmissions

** This session earns RN and CCM Ethics ** 
There is a continued focus on the patient discharge process as hospitals continue to tackle readmission reduction and prevention. The motivating factors are many: reduction of costs and penalties, optimization of payment, achievement of pay for performance measures and improvement of publicly reported quality indicators and patient satisfaction measures. “Potentially preventable readmissions” have been connected to insufficient or ineffective discharge strategies. 

  1. Evaluate the needs assessment completed to identify the gaps in patient education from the patient’s perspective.
  2. Identify the link between health literacy, health confidence and preventing readmissions.
  3. Describe the journey to developing the program and roles and functions of all the team members involved in the interactive patient education experience.
  4. Understand the concepts of health literacy and health confidence as related to the ethical construct of autonomy in respect to the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct.