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The Value Proposition of Case Management Ethics: The 3 Cs and Ds

** This session earns RN and CCM Ethics **
What is the true value proposition for a case manager adherence to ethical practice? When every aspect of a case manager role is tied to return on investment, this becomes a critical question for the industry to ponder. Organizations hold case management accountable for client-centric, quality-driven care, conducted by smooth handoffs, across every population, and practice setting. Not too daunting a task! How does being an ethical case manager factor into the care, cost, quality equation? By providing industry evidence, case examples, and identifying the 3 Cs and Ds of Ethical Excellence, this presentation will prove the value proposition for hiring the ethical case manager.

  1. Discuss outcomes specific to the fiscal impact of ethical case management practice for organizations.
  2. Identify how adherence to ethical practice enhances case management return on investment across organizations.
  3. Identify the six case management competencies of ethical excellence, and apply them to individual practice.