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Ethical Considerations of Complex Discharges

** This session earns RN and CCM Ethics ** 
Understanding the principles of Bio Ethics and how they apply to complex discharges is a challenge. The idea of respecting ones autonomy presents a challenging dilemma. With the increased speed of decisions which need to be made, and understanding our patients, can create many challenges. This presentation will review the principles of Bio Ethics and applying these principles to complex cases. Complex will include medical and Psycho social issues. Using a set of clinical cases, we will review the complexities of discharge, the interplay of legal, ethical and interpersonal issues involved in discharge planning and also maintaining clients in the community.

  1. Describe the Principles of Bio Ethics and what makes an ethical Dilemma.
  2. Apply the principles of Bio Ethics to complex cases.
  3. Describe the structure for Ethical Dilemmas and working with the team. As a member of the team, health care professionals struggle with patient rights for autonomy and how we as health care professionals struggle when our patients don’t accept our recommendations.