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Grassroots Advocacy: Affecting Change from the Ground Up

** RN, CCM, SW **
CMSA is committed to supporting policy that affects case management but can’t do it alone. Efforts to enact change to improve our members’ ability to help their patients and families achieve the best health outcomes possible are best influenced at the local or state level. Communicating not only to the national legislature, but state/local policymakers as well is critical in making the connections necessary and building lasting relationships to support our needs. It will take everyone working together to truly ensure that the voice of the case manager is heard and that we have a seat at the table for any decision made that affects the patient and their family.

Join a CMSA Public Policy Chair Susan Plough as she reviews the importance of grassroots advocacy, defines the process for success, and shares real-life examples of what to do…and what not to do.


  1. Define the policy making process and understand its importance to case management
  2. Explain how individuals can influence policy on the state/local level
  3. Identify strategies on how to best affect policy changes for improved patient outcomes
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Earn 1 Hr CCM, RN, and SW CEs