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The Effect of Medication on Elderly Clients: Optimizing Quality of Life while Avoiding Adverse Effects

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**Presented at the 2022 CMSA Annual Conference**
*** RN, CCM and SW credits ***

Problems with medication in elderly clients is one of the major causes of injury and debility, including falls, occult bleeding and impaired cognition. This presentation reviews the categories of medication, reasons for prescribing and common side effects. The program will detail the incidence, types of Adverse Drug Events and the causes of these events in the elderly to enable case and care managers to recognize potential harm to their clients.


  1. Analyze the nature and extent of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) among the elder population.
  2. Appraise dangerous combinations of medication in older people.
  3. Demonstrate the “prescribing cascade” that leads to harm in an elderly client.