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Integrated Case Management in Rural Communities

**Presented at the 2022 CMSA Annual Conference**
*** RN, CCM and SW credits ***

Adobe Care & Wellness has been providing Integrated case management services in rural Arizona for the past 5 years for 12,000 assigned lives. They have identified many barriers to care, isolation, higher rates of poverty, and limited healthcare services to name a few. Through the application of their programs and the utilization of technology they have been able to identify and implement opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention. Their actions have positively impacted their patient lives thought the improvement in quality of life and decrease of health care costs. Adobe Care & Wellness has been able to show a 20% reduction in hospital readmissions and a 30% reduction in overall healthcare costs for their assigned group. This presentation will cover how the integration of case management and technology has allowed Adobe Care and Wellness to reduce rural barriers to care and increase the health of the population.


  1. Develop knowledge of rural health barriers and solutions to care.
  2. Apply technology to Integrated Case Management in a rural setting.
  3. Evaluate outcomes and impact of technology based Integrated Case Management application.