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Enhancing Case Managers' Understanding of Blood Transfusion: A Comprehensive Overview

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In today's health care landscape, case managers play a vital role in ensuring optimal patient care and outcomes. This continuing education session aims to equip case managers with essential knowledge about blood transfusion, empowering attendees to navigate challenges and facilitate seamless patient experiences. This presentation will include an introduction to the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB) where attendees will gain insights into the significance of AABB accreditation, standards, and how AABB ensures quality and safety in transfusion medicine.

The session will also dive into the intricacies of blood transfusion, focusing on bedside care and risk mitigation strategies. Case managers will be able to identify key indicators and complications associated with transfusions to proactively address patient needs and concerns. Moreover, attendees will be provided with valuable resources such as the AABB 2023 Red Blood Cell Transfusion International Guidelines and AABB Blood Component Cards to aid in understanding clinical use and infusion information associated with blood products. Finally, the session will explore critical aspects of blood donation and vaccination policies, emphasizing their relevance in the context of informed consent, patient care, and safety.

This session promises to be a comprehensive exploration of blood transfusion essentials, equipping case managers with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize patient outcomes and ensure quality care delivery.


  1. Identify the role and significance of AABB accreditation in transfusion medicine.
  2. Describe key indicators and complications associated with blood transfusions.
  3. Utilize resources such as the Red Blood Cell Clinical Guidelines and Blood Component Cards to facilitate informed transfusion medicine decision-making.
  4. Discuss blood donation and vaccination policies and their implications for patient care and safety.
REGISTRATION FEE: Free to Members and Non-Members

  • Claudia Cohn, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, AABB
  • Karen Palmer, MT, CQA, Director of Regulatory Affairs, AABB
  • Susan Leppke, MPH, Sr Director of Public Policy & Strategic Partnerships,  AABB
This presentation is in partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB).