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How To Be a R.E.A.L. Success

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During the presentation, the participant will gain an understanding of the keys needed to succeed in career and life. Participants will learn the lifelong strategy of building on strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and focusing on the people and points of life that are most important. Whether you are a healthcare professional working directly with patients and caregivers or leading a healthcare team, participants will achieve great things by understanding four key success-building areas: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude and Leadership.


  • Describe ways to RELATE to others better to understand relational rules.
  • Demonstrate how to EQUIP others with the proper skill sets.
  • Develop methods to improve your ATTITUDE through daily practice and turn problems into blessings.
  • Identify strategies to LEAD others successfully to where you have gone and beyond.

PRESENTER:  Yanick Hicks, PharmD

Continuing Education:  1 hr RN and CCM

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