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Transforming Case Management One Text at a Time

There is no doubt about it, Austin’s tech scene is hot right now. According to Forbes, Austin is the number one city for tech growth in the US, so what a perfect place to present Sharp Rees-Stealy’s texting mobile solution! Meeting the demands of a growing population, our case management department, implemented a texting mobile coaching program. Utilizing current capabilities, real time, anytime, anywhere access to care is now delivered to patients newly discharged from the hospital and those living with diabetes. This high impact, low cost strategy, has not only increased our capacity to engage and support patients, but has produced quality outcomes as demonstrated by a lowered readmission rate of 12.6%, as well as a decrease in HgA1C by program users. Scheduled messages are designed to assist individuals with their discharge instructions, identify early warning signs of potential issues and promote behavioral change. The program also provides reminders, support and tools for the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes. Providing case management support, along with interactive communication, triggered by patient’s concerns, real time, anytime, anywhere access to care is delivered. This initiative enables staff, in this current healthcare environment, to provide coordinated care to a potentially unlimited number of patients, promoting patient engagement and collaborative relationships for patient centered care and shared decision making. The initiative has increased staff’s ability to reach over 30% more patients with daily outreach and on demand support. It has also extended patient dialog with easy and timely access to care, transforming the way case management services can be delivered within the industry.

1. The learner will identify a care management program for implementing a mobile technology component.
2. The learner will list 2 advantages for case management staff of a mobile technology program.
3. The learner will be able to discuss the reasons for increased caseload capabilities