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A Strategy For Achieving Case Management Certification in a Large Health System

The care management (CM) leadership as part of the Nursing Institute requires that care coordinators and social workers within the institute, achieve board certification with testing through a care coordination or case management credentialing body.  The CM leadership developed a plan to answer questions and to assist the team with study aids and study groups, based on a review of the evidence. Two interventions are planned to assist care coordinators and social workers in achieving the certification standard of excellence in his/her specialty area.

A series of panel discussions will be held at locations and times convenient to the care coordinators and social workers. The panel will consist of care coordinators and social workers, who have sat for an exam and received board certification through a care coordination or case management credentialing body.

Establishment of an interactive web page designed as a study resource center and an interactive study group. The CM leadership will post educational material for the purpose of internal circulation and study. Leadership will monitor, support, and guide the questions and discussions. The page is open to all candidates who wish to participate. The goal of both interventions is the provision of information, support, educational materials, and guidance which will enable the care managers and social workers to pass the exams and achieve board certification in care coordination or case management.

1. Review the various models of group study and the effectiveness to learning outcomes and student satisfaction. 
2. Define the steps involved in creating an effective study program for the Case Management Certification within a large health care system.
3. Discuss the effectiveness of the program for integrating social workers within the care management department into the certification process.