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Breaking the Silence


This webinar will address the urgency of developing strategic planning objectives as the new White House administration unfolds its broad vision to address the COVID-19 Pandemic. The renewed focus on the silent cry of millions of Americans as they face the increasing stressors of 2020 will be discussed. The survival of the ACA and assuring that stimulus funding packages takes the country's mental health needs into clearer focus is critical to the US turning the corner on our current crisis. The panelist will help lay the foundation for a sustainable mental health "action plan" for providing guidance to legislators, regulators and clinicians in our country's aim to "Build Back Better".


  • Dr. Rahn Bailey, MD

    Asst Dean of Education-Charles Drew University; NMA Past President

  • Dr. Altha Stewart, MD

    Assoc. Dean Community Engagement-UT Memphis, APA Past President

  • Dr. Patrice Harris, MD

    Editor in Chief Everyday Health, AMA Past President

  • Dr. Napoleon Higgins, MD

    President of the Black Psychiatrist of Greater Houston; BPA Past President

  • Dr. Randall Morgan, MD, MBA

    CEO- Cobb Institute

  • Dr. Winston Price, MD

    CIO- Cobb Institute

December 8, 2020
Tue 8:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 30M

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