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Building a Leadership Team Leveraging Social Intelligence (Repeat)


Social Intelligence (SQ), an expansion of emotional intelligence (EQ), informs our awareness of how we are perceived and, most importantly, how this perception is both established and altered in people’s minds. It is our ability to interpret and employ metacommunication, observed in body language, facial expressions, paralanguage and movement synchronization, concurrent with advanced situational awareness, in order to establish trust with others and influence our environment. Incorporating an assessment of social intelligence skills, into agencies’ hiring and promotional processes, can set the strategic groundwork for a relatable, dynamic and cohesive law enforcement culture. Furthermore, SQ skills can be learned and improve officers’ ability to relate to others on a personal and professional level, enhancing their capacity to build rapport and communicate with intelligent empathy – especially during potentially dangerous situations.


  • Athena Grace, Behavioral Profiler, People Strategist, Founder, Gr3yeye

    Athena Grace specializes maximizing organizational performance through strategic talent placement. She brings more than a decade of experience in cognitive and behavioral profiling, social intelligence expertise, and executive coaching - to assist entrepreneurs and senior executives with societal and economic inflection points, public relations challenges, talent evaluation, negotiation strategies, emotional disputes and intricate people strategy.

    Using a variety of innovative screening techniques, she is able to discreetly determine an individual’s behavior preferences and underlying cognitive schema or viewpoint in minutes, crafting a highly intuitive assessment of how a potential individual will react to, and interact with, others in specified scenarios.

    Athena has worked on the inside of military operations for the United States Army Special Operations Command, engaging directly with special forces personnel and senior leadership to profile, screen and train soldiers on strategic methods of team selection and development, high-performance leadership and the people skills necessary for intelligence work.

    She holds a graduate certificate in industrial and organizational psychology as well as being professionally certified in surveillance and counter-intelligence techniques, micro-expressions, neurolinguistic programming, non-verbal communication and sophisticated modes of human lie detection, which informs her ability to assess delicate and complex situations.

    Athena’s passion lies in communicating the unspoken thoughts of others - revealing truths that must be wrestled with, and understood, if we wish to make a genuine difference.

April 29, 2021
Thu 11:30 AM PDT

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