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Institutes of Health Series: PTSD, Brain Injury, Chronic Pain, Disability and Opioid Use in LE

Join experts from the Institutes of Health for this three part virtual series that discusses Chronic Pain, Disability, Opioid Use, PTSD, and Brain Injury in the law enforcement field and how to identify and reduce these issues. 

In Episode 1 you will learn: 

  • How to Identify PTSD, its causes, and the link to other mental health issues.
  • Common reactions associated with PTSD, PTSD and the family, PTSD and coworkers, and how stigma may prolong suffering.
  • What organizations can do to assist personnel and their families increasing the likelihood officers return to work. 
In Episode 2 you will learn: 
  • Common symptoms and behaviors associated with brain injury and how sometimes personality is impacted.
  • Stigma regarding mental health vs. brain injury within law enforcement.
  • Best practices for recovery, building resiliency, and returning to work.
In Episode 3 you will learn:
  • Causes and prevalence of Chronic Pain and Disability within law enforcement.
  • Chronic pain prevention and management including associated mental health concerns.
  • Chronic pain treatment and long-term effects on performance and productivity.
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