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CMBS 201: Complex Loan Structures and Subordinate Debt

Join CREFC for a two-part live webinar series that offers a primer on various loan structures ranging from basic mortgage and mezzanine loans to more complex loan structures including pari-passu and A/B companion loans and debt like preferred equity.

The webinar features a faculty of seasoned industry experts who will walk through the terminology used in these types of loan structures and then take a deeper dive into the agreements among the lenders covering these loan types, including co-lender and intercreditor agreements. Attendees will also learn about the post-securitization consent rights of different lenders with respect to borrower requests for subordinate debt.

The webinar faculty will also examine the rating agency implications of some of these debt structures and some of the considerations given before incurring subordinate debt. There will also be a segment on placement and pricing of subordinate debt.

Attendees will be able to ask questions at the close of each session and videos of the webinars will be available for replay.