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Specs 101 Series

Collaboration continues to blur the lines between traditional job roles in the construction process. Specs 101, a new 6-part virtual series brought to you by CSI, addresses the change in how construction documentation occurs in today’s market.

Specifications are no longer written by only specifiers. CSI and Specs 101 defines how anyone on the project team should write, read, and use specifications throughout the overall project.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this series, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the different methods and types of construction specifications used on project
  • Identify how the development and use of construction specifications assists in project communication
  • Describe how construction specifications are developed and used to ensure the final facility meets the owner's needs, designer's intent, and performance expectations of the contracting and supply teams.
  • Explain the relationship between construction specifications, contract requirements, procurement requirements, and construction drawings.

Learning Units

CSI: 3.0
May be submitted for domain specific learning units to CDT recertification, and/or general learning units for CCCA, CCS, and CCPR.

Intended Audiences

Young and emerging professionals, professionals new to construction and product selection careers, and/or members of the project team looking to brush up on documentation and collaboration information deemed foundational by CSI.