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Bird Friendly Glazing Using Laminated Tech Talk Glass with Kuraray

About This Program

As cities expand, they encroach on areas traditionally inhabited by wildlife, which poses unfamiliar obstacles and structures for birds that are difficult to adapt to. This challenge is further amplified by the growing use of glazing in modern architecture. Glass is now a crucial material for both structural and aesthetic purposes, from feature windows in homes to skyscraper curtain walls. In this session, we will explore the technology available that utilizes interlayers for laminated glass to mitigate the threat to birds.

Session Takeaways

  • Comprehend the challenges that modern building design poses for birds.
  • Recognize the potential harm glass poses to birds.
  • Designing bird-friendly solutions using laminated glass.
  • Understand the additional benefits a bird-friendly laminated glass solution provides.

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Learning Units

CSI: 1.0 LU*
*May be submitted for domain specific learning units to CDT recertification, and/or general learning units for CCCA, CCS, and CCPR.

Relevant Practices

Specifying/Information Management
Product Selection/Specification