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Demystifying the Construction Specification Process: Achieving Clarity and Efficiency, a Tech Talk with RIB Software

About This Program

In today's dynamic construction landscape, clear and unambiguous communication is paramount. This webinar aims to demystify this crucial aspect of construction by unraveling the complexities, highlighting the significance of clear communication, and exploring the innovative realm of intelligent specification software. Join us to delve into construction specifications, understand the power of transparent communication, and learn how to embed your firm's invaluable process and knowledge.

Session Takeaways

  • Understand how transparent and unambiguous communication in construction specifications lays the foundation for project success. Learn to effectively articulate project requirements, materials, and processes to minimize errors, conflicts, and costly revisions.
  • Discover the benefits of maintaining always-updated specification content throughout the project lifecycle. Learn how consistent access to accurate information ensures that all team members are aligned, reducing discrepancies and enhancing project efficiency.
  • Explore the paradigm shift brought about by intelligent specification software. Gain insights into how logic-based systems utilize trigger logic to dynamically inform the inclusion of relevant details, resulting in a more comprehensive and precise specification process.
  • Leverage intelligent specification software to embed your firm's unique process and knowledge directly into your projects. Learn how to capture best practices, lessons learned, and industry expertise, ensuring continuity, consistency, and excellence across projects.

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Learning Units

CSI: 1.0 LU*
*May be submitted for domain specific learning units to CDT recertification, and/or general learning units for CCCA, CCS, and CCPR.

Relevant Practices

Specifying/Information Management
Product Selection/Specification