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Overview of Tag Management Tools


Overview of Tag Management

  • What is Tag Management?
  • Why is it needed?
  • What are the major players in the area? And rough statistics
  • What is GTM? Why would we use it?
  • Things to consider before installing GTM
  • How to set up GTM
  • Debugging in GTM
  • Publishing Containers in GTM
Adobe Launch
  • What is Adobe Launch?
  • Accounts, properties, and general structure/architecture of Launch
  • Rules - Launch is a rules-based system.
  • Libraries and Environments - Publishing Flow and related permissions.
  • Testing and Debugging.
  • What is Tealium? How is it different from the other two TMs above?
  • Things to consider before installing Tealium
  • How to set up Tealium
  • Debugging in Tealium
  • Publishing versions in GTM
Hands-on working session
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  • Trish Dhotkar

    Hi I’m Trisha Dhotkar and currently working as Advanced Activation Analyst, formerly a Tag Managment Specialist at InfoTrust.
    I’ve been working with Infotrust for 3 and a half years now.I’m a regular data nerd with interests in data collection, analyzing and visualizing data.
    I also like hiking, board games and exploring podcasts and books.

  • Facundo Marron

    Hi! I’m Facundo Marron, a Tag Management Analyst at InfoTrust. At InfoTrust, I started as a Digital Analytics consultant working with GA/GTM as well as Adobe Analytics, ranging from the implementation side all the way to supporting clients with analysis/reporting.
    For the past year or so, I have been a part of the Consumer Data Governance team as a Tag Management Analyst, working primarily with third party tags and pixels and ensuring that the implementation is in line with the user’s consent preferences.
    On a personal note, I am a big fan of puzzles, especially Rubik’s Cube type ones. I also love dogs and cats (really animals in general).

  • Ting Ting Chang

    Hi, my name is Ting Ting. I work as a Tag Management Analyst for InfoTrust.
    I’ve been working for InfoTrust for 2 months, and prior to InfoTrust I worked as a Digital Analytics Consultant at Adswerve for a year and 1 month.
    I’m super passionate about implementing, troubleshooting tags, and debugging.
    I also enjoy going on long hikes, shopping, and traveling.

August 11, 2022
Thu 12:00 PM EDT

Duration 4H 0M

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