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Activate your GA4 BigQuery Data with dbt


In this 4-hour, interactive workshop, you will learn how to use dbt to turn your raw GA4 BigQuery export into optimized reporting tables that respond faster, cost less to query, and are easier to use.

We will be working with the dbt-GA4 starter package that provides a basic boilerplate and learn how to work with the package to quickly optimize tables for your reporting needs and customize it to suit your analytics implementation.

Participants are encouraged to follow along using either their own GA4 data or the provided data sets.


  • Adam Ribaudo

    Adam leads the Data Activation practice at Velir, a full-service digital agency located in Boston. His group helps convert data into business value through data engineering, advanced analysis, and data strategy. He holds a Master's degree in Data Science from Northeastern, is a past DAA chapter leader, and has 16 years of experience helping marketers make the most of their marketing technology and customer data.

  • Damon Gudaitis

    Damon has been in marketing for 16 years primarily on the technical side working in marketing operations and analytics before moving to full-time analytics 6 years ago. He currently works for Three Ventures Inc. as an analytics manager working primarily in GTM and BigQuery and supports freelance clients through Caret Juice Marketing. He is a core contributor to the open-source dbt ga4 package that we will be using for this course and is an active member of the DAA currently serving as a Chapter Leader in Vancouver, Canada and the Technical Officer on the Implementation Task Force. 

August 25, 2022
Thu 12:00 PM EDT

Duration 4H 0M

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