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The PICA Protocol™: Your Prescription for Healthy, Actionable Data Storytelling

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Are your data visualizations inspiring action or obscuring your valuable insights? If your stakeholders are falling asleep instead of singing your praises, you may not have the tools to deliver data stories in an actionable way. This session will empower you with a powerful, proprietary data storytelling methodology that informs decisions, sparks ideas, inspires action, and makes YOU indispensable.


  • Lea Pica

    Lea Pica is a seasoned digital analytics practitioner, data visualization and presentation consultant with over 11 years of experience bringing thoughtfully presented analytics stories to her organizations. Lea provides digital analytics and marketing expertise to the Robert Wood Johnson foundation as a Team Demystified consultant. She also provides executive presentation consulting, individual coaching, and private corporate training for web analysts and marketers who are ready to take their presentation and data visualization skills to the next level. You can learn more about her philosophy, approach and services at