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Developing Truly Data Driven Marketing Campaigns


In this session, attendees can learn how data analytics can be to drive personalized, multichannel marketing plans. The session will include information on developing data driven targeting, using analytics to tailor messaging, tracking campaign KPIs in real time across multiple data sources, integrating spend data, and using that information to help decision makers understand the rollouts of their campaign and to optimize their spend against success metrics across multiple dimensions


  • Jake Collins

    Jake Collins, Director, Market Intelligence, UPMC
    As director of Market Intelligence, Mr. Jake Collins is responsible for examining market, financial, and clinical data sets in order to help UPMC engage patients in the most effective and efficient manners. He is responsible for demonstrating ROI for marketing projects, better understanding individual patient journeys and their impliactions for outreach, and providing strategic market guidance to service line and hospital leadership in their growth efforts, as well as maintaining the data sets and providing guidance for the development of a cross departmental CRM.

    In his previous role as senior director of Advisory Services for UPMC International, Mr. Jake Collins was responsible for business development, project management, operational oversight, and consultative services across a number of markets for UPMC. He has extensive experience in developing client-ready business strategies based on his completion of comprehensive market assessment studies. Mr. Collins has worked on projects in China, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Russian Federation, Singapore, and Vietnam among others.