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Digital Marketing and Measurement in a Post-GDPR/ITP World


While marketers' needs have changed very little as a result of digital's explosive growth, the tactics used to achieve their goals have evolved at a speed that has out-paced the trust of the very consumers they hope to engage and influence. The regulatory and industry response to protect consumers' interests has been a responsible first step with a modest impact on marketers -- but strategic moves by players in the digital industry have had a tremendously disruptive effect on marketers. We'll take a critical look at the forces that are shaping digital marketing today and layout a clear path forward for marketers in the post GDPR / ITP world.


  • Kevin Hartman

    Kevin Hartman, Director of Analytics, Consumer, Government and Entertainment Sector, Google
    Kevin is a devoted and artistic practitioner of data. He believes data must do more than simply provide insights which inspire creative thought. Rather, data must express insights in ways that are just as creative as the ideas they activate.

    In his role, Kevin and his team of 60+ analysts partner with major advertisers, creative agencies, and media companies to develop digital solutions that build businesses and brands. His approach mixes science and art to deliver inventive, fact-based strategies that reduce uncertainty and increase effectiveness in the marketing and advertising programs they create. Prior to joining Google, Kevin ran a strategic analytics group at Draftfcb, a global creative agency.

    In addition to his work at Google, Kevin is an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame's Master of Science in Business Analytics program, the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Analytics and Harris Graduate School of Public Policy, and the University of Illinois's Executive MBA program where he teaches courses including digital marketing, business analytics, and data visualization. Kevin also produced a Coursera course on digital marketing analytics as part of the University of Illinois's Digital Marketing certificate program, ranked #1 by Coursera in its list of Most Coveted Coursera Certificates.

    Kevin received his BA from the University of Notre Dame and MBA and MPP from the University of Chicago.