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Women in Analytics Session: Measuring the Distance Between Furniture: Why Most Marketing Metrics Won’t Move Your Business; How to Find the Ones That Will


Across the spectrum of digital analytics tools we've been inundated with junk food metrics that should mean something but do not. Measurement is contextual to the maturity of your organization. In this session I'll help you understand what to measure when and why.


  • Allison Hartsoe, Founder and CEO, Ambition Data

    Allison is a deeply skilled marketing technologist with a broad strategic view and a passion for analysis. She has built and executed digital analytics strategies for Fortune 500 customers as well as eager start-ups. Allison’s experience and passion for analysis allows her to sees future trends and relate it all the way back to the tactical moves her clients need to make today. Allison has been published in, Fast Company, Online Marketing and she publishes her own blog, Schrodinger’s Cat. She has spoken at Conversion Conference, eMetrics and the Tableau User Conference.