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New York 2016 Symposium: Videos

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Increasing Analytics Engagement: Storytelling, Data Journalism, and More

A crucial driver in the ROI of your analytics efforts is the degree of engagement you’re able to achieve within your organization. Valuable metrics and great insights only matter if you’re able to capture and retain the attention of a wide audience within your organization. Storytelling, including the techniques employed by data journalists are but two of the ways of increasing analytics engagement. We’ll hear from industry experts including Vincent Wu from the Huffington Post on topics such as:
  • Who are the audiences for analytics within organizations, and what techniques work best with each audience?
  • What techniques do data journalists rely on to engage the public in data-driven stories?
  • Data Storytelling do’s and don’ts.
  • Technologies that can help with increasing analytics engagement.
  • Measuring your organization’s level of analytics engagement
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