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Philadelphia 2016 Symposium: Slides

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Data-Driven Decisions: 7 Speakers & 21 Tips to Drive Your Business with Data

The 2016 Philadelphia Symposium explores the value of data in driving key business decisions for your company and/or clients.

In today’s reality, data has become mission critical in driving key business decisions for your company and clients. Not all organizations have yet adopted this point of view, and it is at times difficult to convince leadership of the importance of making data-driven decisions.

How can you encourage this cultural shift to recognize the need for data-driven decisions? The 2016 Philadelphia Symposium is designed to do just that.

Industry leaders with diverse digital backgrounds in e-commerce, finance, retail, and market research, among others, will show you how to garner actionable insights and how they use data to make better business decisions every day. The goal is to provide you with ideas that you can apply immediately in your career as a digital executive or analyst.

Upon completion of this symposium, you will be able to:
  • Example how data analysis can lead to unexpected insights, new markets, or unique ways to value a visitor to their web site.
  • Outline the process to implement tracking code, collect and analyze data, and identify a new solution.
  • Explain 3 practical tips, techniques or takeaways within each presentation for that you can bring back to your office and implement immediately.
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