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Tracking SEO Campaign Effectiveness in a Keyword Not Provided World


In a world where funnels and conversions mean everything, the challenge of tracking organic SEO campaigns has become increasingly difficult. With the removal of Keywords from Google Analytics, continual updates and algorithm tweaks, we can no longer use just one tool, but must employ a combination of several. Learn how to overcome this challenge to successfully track and measure SEO campaign effectiveness for Local, Multi-Location and Enterprise brands, and understand the tools we use to make it happen.


  • Bernadette Coleman

    Bernadette Coleman is the founder and CEO of Advice Local, an award-winning local search technology and local presence management company focused on improving visibility for clients across the local digital universe.
    She has been actively involved in digital marketing with an emphasis on local SEO since 2001. Referred to as the Queen of Local SEO by industry peers, Bernadette is always thinking about how businesses, small and large, can leverage content marketing, search engine optimization and social media to dominate local search.
    Among the many awards she has received, Bernadette is quite proud of her Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Stevie Award. Being a female CEO is no small feat, and to inspire other women day to day is one of her many passions.
    You can find her speaking locally and nationally on local SEO and search strategies for businesses and brands.
    In her spare time, she and her husband, Tom, work as advocates for brain injury awareness through their co-founded nonprofit, TryMunity.