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Driving Success With New Analytics Initiatives


Analytics practitioners are confronted with a seemingly unending stream of requests to deliver critical analysis, inform key business projects, and facilitate improved user experiences. Fortunately, digital analytics lies at the crossroads for many key business disciplines. The unique position provides digital analytics practitioners the opportunity to beg, borrow, and steal best-in-class practices from other disciplines which have the potential to improve every analysis, project and experience.


  • Ed Hewett

    As leader of the Digital Analytics Architecture team at Hilton, Ed is responsible for driving the development, maintenance, governance, and administration of the digital analytics platform as well as maximizing new analytics capabilities from emerging tools and data sets. Prior to his work at Hilton, Ed spent over 8 years at Omniture & Adobe working on multiple emerging analytics initiatives. During that time, Ed lived through the “year of mobile” and had the dubious honor of being the first and only mobile-focused resource within the entire digital marketing business unit. As part of his ongoing work as a mobile champion, Ed drove product direction and solution adoption for multiple emerging analytics opportunities including Adobe Mobile Services, DPS, and Telecom Industry Strategy and is a named inventor on 4 mobile analytics patents. Ed spends his free time outdoors with his family and is currently building a 130’ waterslide on the weekends.