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Data Science and the Digital Analyst's Career Roadmap


Somewhere along the spectrum of “logging into Google Analytics” and “the machines are in control” is the world of the power analyst who interacts with the data on the fly, applies statistics to large data sets, and develops interactive visualizations that go well beyond the capabilities of Excel. Those power analysts are operating on the fringes of the domain of the "data scientist" -- a role for which no one can really agree on a concrete definition! In this session, Tim -- who has never claimed to be and never will claim to be a data scientist -- will share what he has learned from trying to understand the scope and nature of that role. And, beyond that, how he has as a digital analyst, expanded his skills to "program with data" with R, and increased his value to the organizations with which he works as a result. While you will not leave the session with an explicit roadmap for your career, you will almost certainly leave it with a new perspective of the many opportunities for professional growth that are just waiting for you to reach out and grab them.


  • Tim Wilson, Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified

    Tim Wilson has worked with the many dimensions of marketing and customer data for over a decade. From running the business intelligence department for a $500 million high-tech business-to-business company, to driving initiatives to clean up customer data at a major insurance and financial services company, to working at a leading digital agency to help consumer brands ranging from Hewlett-Packard to Purina to act on their digital and social data, to consulting with multiple Top 50 Internet Retailer brands on the application of digital analytics to their business, Tim is a marketer-friendly data geek. And, he’s been pushing Excel as hard as he can at each step of his career!