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Recording of The Importance of the Assistive Technology Assessment in Supporting Employees with Disabilities

This webinar will focus exclusively on the AT assessment and its importance in the accommodation process. A properly performed AT assessment is one of the cornerstones of the accommodation process and sets the stage for the employee to receive appropriate and timely accommodations. On the other hand, an under-resourced or checklist approach to AT assessment can lead to poor accommodation recommendations, over expenditure on equipment and services and demoralized employees. The webinar will draw on iYellow Access’ decades of experience providing AT assessments for persons with disabilities in the enterprise and its findings. The webinar will focus on the following six areas:

  • Why the AT assessment is a critical part of a culture of equal access for all employees
  • Why AT assessment is the cornerstone of effective reasonable accommodation services
  • The role of the AT assessment and where it fits within the accommodation process
  • Types of AT assessments performed by iYellow Access to highlight the process and resources required
  • Skill sets needed to perform a thorough AT assessment
We encourage participants to share their experiences regarding AT assessments and to see how their experience compares to iYellow Access.
  • Key processes, teams and expertise needed to properly assess employees with disabilities' needs around AT and training.
  • What skill sets an AT Specialist should possess to assist your organization.
  • Best practices around implementing successful AT training (in person or remote).