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Recording of Remote Training Strategies for Employees with Disabilities: New Date! APRIL !19 12-1

Everyday work has shifted to a remote setting and employees with disabilities face unique challenges in receiving training, participating in meetings, communicating with colleagues and collaborating on team projects. This session will provide best practices and real-world examples of how to maximize equal access to employees with disabilities who are now working remotely. This webinar is ideal for those who deliver reasonable accommodations or assistive technology services to employees with disabilities, as well as assistive technology users.
Webinar highlights include:

  • Why implementing accessible remote training is an essential part of reasonable accommodation solutions
  • Assistive Technology users' need for specific training on remote conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Organizational communication needed prior to conducting remote Assistive Technology training
  • Examining remote meeting and collaboration tools regarding their accessibility for employees with disabilities
  • Benefits and challenges of screen sharing and remote-control features with Assistive Technology
  • Common scenarios and challenges when using remote training tools with Assistive Technology