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Market Innovation : Secondary Barrel Finishing, Expanding Beyond Distilled Spirits, and More

Crafting innovative products and distinct spirits expressions is critical to advancing your brands in the highly competitive distilled spirits marketplace. Pushing boundaries and responding to industry trends is one part of this equation, while fitting your new product innovation into the existing regulatory structure is another. This course details some of the core product innovation trends, such as barrel finishings and hard seltzers. You'll learn how to navigate current regulatory issues with these products and push the regulatory structure to chart a course for future innovation.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Gain insights into some of the current impactful industry market trends
2. Understand TTB’s standards of identity, statements of age, and flavorings rules, as well as what to look out for when filing for a COLA or formula with the TTB for a product that might not fit into a current class or type
3. Determine how to work with the TTB to troubleshoot any issues around your new innovations and how to push categories or innovations further, such as through industry petitions and rulemakings.
4. Learn from the personal experiences of experts regarding charting and activating innovative products in the marketplace

Scott Schiller
Executive Director