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Intro to Building Pricing

Determining an appropriate price point for a new product can protect it from bringing in less than its development costs. This course provides a hands-on approach to building out the price point of a product, starting from the ex-works price and ensuring the inclusion of COGS, appropriate margins, and additional marketing spending. Those details can vary based on the model of entry into the market and product details, like whether it is direct from the distillery or import, includes CBMA tax benefit, or is a tariffed product.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Compile all the key pieces of a price point and ensure the product enters the market with a price that covers its cost
2. Evaluate and apply the many possible costs relevant to a particular product or business model
3. Understand the benefits of the CBMA tax relief and determine whether it is applicable to a product type

Paul Criscuolo
Chief Commercial Officer
Broken Shed Vodka

Marty Greenstein
Vice President Pricing
Horizon Beverage

Chrissy Beaudette
Director of Client Development