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Manufacturing COGS - Insights, Risks and Impacts

Manufacturing COGS are basic elements of all businesses. In many ways, it is like your personal/household budget where it’s fundamental to know what you are spending your financial resources on. In the current environment, supplier cost increases coupled with supply chain upsets will regularly affect/increase your COGS. This course provides a common sense approach to COGS and will assist you in identifying all cost elements, including those often forgotten, to build out a robust and complete budget.

Learning Objectives

  1. Setting up an all-inclusive COGS budget item list, including items often forgotten
  2. Identify cost elements from a historical perspective and current outlook most likely to affect your business costs negatively over the next 18 to 24 months
  3. Provide insight and ways as well as identify areas within the manufacturing process to keep your costs under control 

Charlie Bertalan
Founder & President
River Locks Distillery Services & Equipment Partners LLC