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Door Hardware 3: Beyond Locks and Hinges

In this course you will learn:
Imagine if you were asked to specify all of the components for a new primary bath and did not recommend toilet roll holders, robe hooks, towel bars, mirrors, cabinets or lighting. What would your client think? Chances are they would not be happy.A primary reason homeowners, designers and trade professionals come to a decorative plumbing and hardware showroom is to obtain guidance. Customers may spend months, even years, researching their projects. That effort rarely translates into knowing what they need or where to begin. That knowledge and expertise are a showroom professional’s distinctive competencies and can be tapped to exceed customer expectations and transform your role from salesperson to trusted advisor and invaluable asset to your customer’s project.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, participants will be able to understand:
  • Learn how to Specify Hardware and Products Used to Protect the Door
  • Learn how to Specify Hardware that Ensures Doors Don’t Inadvertently Open
  • Learn how to Specify Hardware to Adorn a Door
  • Learn how to Specify Multipoint Hardware Trim that Enables Homeowners Match Other Hardware in their Homes
A score of at least 90% is required to pass, and questions are selected from a pool and will show in random order. Participants may retake the test until they pass, and the questions will pull from the pool in random order with each retake.
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Each module within this chapter will feature pages from our education manual, as well as an assessment to test the knowledge that you have acquired. Our education manuals can be found here.