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The EGPA Collaborative

This is the first of 2 one-hour webinars on EGPA, each led by 3 experts in EGPA. This first program will address the diagnosis, treatment initiation and long-term monitoring of this rare eosinophilic disorder. EGPA affects many organ systems; consequently a wide range of clinicians may be involved in the diagnosis and management of these patients. Faculty will review the clinical manifestations of EGPA from both rheumatologic and pulmonological perspectives, including how EGPA is similar to and differs from other vasculitides. Greater understanding of this disease has led to the development and approval of mepolizumab, the first agent specifically indicated for EGPA. A second webinar will integrate this foundational information into clinical practice through the use of case studies.

Commercial Support
This educational activity is supported by an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline.