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Session 401: A Multimodal & Systemic Approach to EMDR Therapy with Children During Times


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought trauma, adversity and distress to most parents and children. In addition, it has exacerbated previous and generational trauma as they had to endure losses, seclusion, financial hardships, and a lack of social support. The distressed caregiving system and children have been forced to move out of homeostasis, connection and co-regulation into self- preservation, defense, and survival. Children are malleable and resilient and at the same time incredibly vulnerable. How has the biology and nervous systems of our children been impacted by the stresses of such uncertain times? This seminar will offer an overview of the individual and the systemic work needed to help children and their families heal during such unprecedented times. In addition, this plenary will show how to utilize a multimodal approach within the overarching structure of EMDR therapy that includes: Polyvagal focused strategies, parent-child interventions, play, Sandtray and expressive arts, among others.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to cite variables that have impacted children and their parents during pandemic times as well as how they have affected the internal and relational organization of parents and children.
  2. Participants will be able to cite strategies and techniques that can be used within the eight phases of treatment to work systemically with children and their parents to restore safety, mutual regulation and homeostasis.
  3. Participants will be able to utilize a multimodal approach to EMDR therapy with children and their parents that includes play, movement, expressive arts, polyvagal specific activities and more.

Topic: Children & Adolescents


CE Hours: 1.5


  • Ana Gómez, MC, LPC

    Ana M Gómez, MC, LPC is the founder and director of the AGATE Institute in Phoenix, AZ. She is a psychotherapist, author, and an international speaker on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents with complex and developmental trauma as well as generational wounds and dissociation. Ana is the author of EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation and several book chapters and articles on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents. In addition, she is the author of multiple children’s books. Ana has developed numerous intensive training programs and protocols.

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November 14, 2021
Sun 10:00 AM CST

Duration 1H 30M

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