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EPCOR offers interactive or lecture-based, on-demand courses which allow you to obtain the payments knowledge and information you need in a short time frame without leaving your work space. We recognize that you have little time to dedicate to training, so we will be taking longer courses and cutting them down in size to smaller courses that may be viewed and taken within 15-20 minutes. For instance, the previous ACH 101 course is being broken down into smaller micro courses as you will see with the new ACH 101 and ACH 102 courses being offered. Throughout the year you will begin to see intermediate courses added to the platform such as ACH 201: Authorizations and Agreements.
Courses that are part of a curriculum will begin with a one, two or three. Beginner courses will always begin with one, intermediate courses will always begin with a two and advanced courses will always begin with a three. For instance, ACH 101: Participants and Transaction Flow is the first course in the ACH curriculum and ACH 102: Recognizing an ACH Transaction is the second course, however; both are beginner courses. As you can see, courses will build upon one another.